Just added another project to my sidebar -- Image.NET. K, sounds a little more amazing than it is. It doesn't do all kinds of wicked image file manipulations or stuff like that. What it does do is show pictures.


I wrote it because I'm sick of all the crappy image file viewers out there. Most of them either flat out suck or are so full of bloat that they... flat out suck. So I wanted something that would do two tings, and two things only:

1) Show images
2) Leave me the fuck alone

So that's what Image.NET does.  Right now you have to select the files you want to view.  I'm looking to integrate it into the shell better, so you can do stuff like right click on a bunch of image files and view them in Image.NET or just select a bunch of them and hit enter and all that kind of stuff.  Anyhow, lightweight, no bloat, view images.  Check it out if you're bored.

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