Aw, hell.

Well, I'm not exactly sure what to make of this.  Yeah, its a trailer for a remake of Day of the Dead, Romero's shittiest Dead movie.  Except for Land of the Dead.  Here it is:

Couple problems.  First, it looks and sounds like absolute shit.  Second, April 2007?  Third, its not directed by Zack Snyder, who did the completely awesome remake of Dawn and 300 and is now working on The Watchmen, but is directed by some shithead hack TV director.  Fourth, the movie is delayed for "reshoots."  That means its shit and they know it.  Fifth, there are rumors that it will be PG-13.  What a horrible fucking letdown. 

I've got a suggestion.  Shitcan it.  Shuffle it off to DVD and forget it ever happened.  Then, after the Watchmen is out, get Zack onboard a real remake.  There are no rules to say you can't do this.

Awwwww Shit.  I have been waiting for the Watchmen movie for years (they were actually talking about it back in the 80's), the [URL = ] GN  is one of my most prized and re-read pieces in my collection, the fact that Snyder is doing it is that much better.  It had best fucking rock and stick to Alan Moore's story; if they turn Rorshack in to some pussy boy (1 - 4 Batman movie style) I will fucking fuck the fucking fuck up.

1 Posted by NotMcGurk on July 12, 2007 01:06 PM (Ri74D)

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