So, I've decided to shut this blarg down.  Yep, this is my last post.  I know you're all horribly disappointed.


Things have gotten very intense at work lately.  I'm heading up a major project here, and its eating up all the spare time I have for my side projects.  So, rather than let this blarg languish, I'm going to cap it off and say goodbye.

Personally, I blame my friends.  RJ, BB, WJ, BH (!!!!), and a few others, who failed to post even after several beatings were dolled out.  An empty blarg is a sad blarg .  And my blarg was sadder than most.

But seriously, its been fun helping Pixy beta test his/her/its new blarg software.  Thanks for the opportunity, and my best wishes to you in this and future ventures.

Thanks also to those other'ers that came by every once in awhile to check things out or comment.  Especially Old Grouch, whose blarg is looking very nice.  I really need to get over there more often.

For you Ace veterans, you might see me sneaking in the Open Blog back door every once in awhile to completely kill the post flow with some lame thing or another.

I've learned a few things with this blarg .  But probably the biggest thing (to me, at least) was that I truly don't like politics mixing in where it doesn't belong, specifically in a blarg that deals with programming.  If I ever start another blarg , it's going to be programming only; no political bullshit.  I'll save that for my personal life.  Mixing my profession with politics left me with a bad taste.  It truly doesn't belong.  And its kind of asshole-ish to crowbar the two together.  I just don't want to be one of those people who does it.

Thanks again to everyone, and good luck. 


Well nuts. I guess now I have to remove your sidebar link.

Seriously, when you get time do the programming thing. IMO you have a lot of useful things to say. And do the politics at Ace's. Works for me.

See you in the comments!

1 Posted by Old Grouch on October 20, 2007 05:33 PM (f4kkX)

Dude, I am on the same big project as you, as well as my other project that a certain co-worker refuses to take the reigns on, if you do not have time to post how can you expect me to?

I like the politics aspect but i agree that injecting them in to programming does kind of throw the whole thing off, there are probably some good programmers out there with some good ideas but i cannot get past thier F*&^ BUSH statments long enough to take them seriously.  On the other hand, It is also my opinion that Programming blargs need a little more than just programming, otherwise i could just Read a muaf*^&^&* book and eliminate my monthly donation to the fat cat phone company who charges way too much for way too little.

Sorry, and this does upset me some, but i will see you at the bar where we will pour a beer out for the blarg, SHOTS!!!!!


2 Posted by notmcgurk on November 05, 2007 03:38 PM (Ri74D)

3 Posted by Spis on May 01, 2008 04:59 AM (X3ZIK)

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