Great article over at The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid about broadband penetration comparisons.  Like pulling out your cocks and seeing who's longest, some people seem to be obsessed with this supposed metric for comparing the US' technical strength against other, more pussy, countries. 

Personally, the whole "My IT is bigger than yours!" comparison stinks.  Its completely worthless to compare countries by their IT penetration.  Why would we ever want 100% broadband use?  The market decides how much broadband we need or want.  Its similar to idiots running around trying to get laptops into schools.  Kids don't need laptops to learn.  Its just a distraction.  But some people seem to think that its not only useful but also required in order to keep our country from reverting back to a feudal society.

This obsession with broadband is, no doubt, spurred on by the fact that the US consistently comes out shitty in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's broadband adoption statistics..  Who is the OECD?  International busybodies.  Nuff said.

Noted douche bag and midget Paul Krugman made big hay out of this one.  Of course, a handful of hay would be big to that runt.  His article can be glimpsed here for a slight fee.  Its worth going to the link just to peek at his ugly mug.  Paul is well known for getting pretty much everything wrong, and being an asshole about it.  I could cite, but Google has done it for me.  A simple search reveals why tenure is fucking stupid, and why our higher education suffers for it.

The reason why I'm bringing it up is that I love it when douche bags, busybodies and european countries in general get pwnt.  This tempest in a teapot is a fine example of it.  Because the study is a complete pile of bullshit.  You can read why at Don Luskin's site.

Essentially, it goes like this:  International bag of worthless assholes studies a nonexistent problem using demonstrably bad measures.  Fuck-ups use study to "Nyah Nyah" everybody they don't like.  Study is then completely owned, and by some dickbag at the FCC, thus showing up both fuck-ups and bag of stink for the idiots they are.  It just gives me a warm feeling inside.

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