Just got my wisdom teet yanked out my friggen head, so please forgive me if I'm a dumbass from now on.

The perfect word to describe the feeling of a perfectly healthy, tho somewhat hard to brush and floss, tooth being pulled from a skull is "disturbing". 

If you haven't had yours out yet, here's the skinny.  The following is a list of the worst parts of the procedure, number one being the worst:

1) The crazy overdose of novacane shots makes you feel like your mouth is full of water and completely obstructed.  I spent most of the procedure breathing deeply in order to convince myself I didn't need to throw up. 

2) The crazy overdose of novacane shots.  About fifteen of them.  Not fun.

3) Stitches.  My lower jaw feels like a football with the amount of lacing in there.  And the fact that I can feel them with my tongue is, again, disturbing.  The process of putting them in took awhile.  About twenty times the doc had to run a needle thorugh my virgin gum, yanking through a yard of gut which he had to keep taught.  I felt like a tennis racket being strung.

4) Broken toofs.  All my teeth were fine (not impacted), so it was only a matter of yanking them out.  However, due to my inability to keep them clean at the gumline they had a few cavities.  The uppers were good, but the lowers were almost fully buried in the gum, which meant they were weak halfway up the side where the doc had to grab them.  Consequently the last one broke the top off.  When a tooth breaks during extraction, they have to cut your gum, drill in to give them some room, and then use brute force to lever the remaining tooth bits out of the socket.  This results in more disturbing.  And it also makes your jaw sore as a mofo the next day.

5) Soreness.  Today my jaw has been very sore.  Oddly enough, the upper right tooth, which came out cleanly, isn't sore at all.  This leads me to believe that if the tooth breaks, you will hurt.  If not, you'll be fine.  Although I do have cuts and drills and stitches, the only pain I notice is the soreness.  It feels like I've gotten kicked in the jaw.  But at least its not as bad as I thought it would be.

6) Root extraction.  The most common break I had (two out of four) was a bit of the tooth's root breaking off.  The only way to get it out is to drill for room and then use a pick to yank it out.  My upper left tooth had a bit of root that needed to be pulled out, and it is noticably more sore than the upper right, which came out cleanly.  The lower right tooth had much more root and took much longer to get out, and its extremely sore.

7) Normal tooth extraction.  The first one that came out surprised me with the ease with which it left.  I thought the doc was still prepping it for removal when he told me it was out.  Although its still bleeding a touch, that socket doesn't hurt one bit. 

I'm on shake-style meal replacement for the next couple days.  But I have to say the whole thing worked out pretty well.  These butchers have gotten the teeth yanking thing down pat.  Tho I think I'm gonna stick with brushing and flossing for awhile.  Or at least until they figure out how to get the roots out fine 100% of the time.

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