Democratic debate

I didn't watch it. Today was the last day in our weight loss challenge here at work, so last night I downed three or four saphire and sodies (my preferred method for dehydration), got into beddie bye early and watched "Coonskin" on the laptop. At least I started to; the GF woke me up twice to tell me to put the laptop away.

Apparently, I didn't miss much. Our democratic candidates have no plan for dealing with the growth of islamic extremism other than to go back to September 10th, 2001. Its not surprising. A recent poll ranked people's concerns. It amazingly matched up with the issues the candidates were concerned about:


Voter concerns
  • Iraq War
  • Jobs
  • Health Care
  • Education
Candidate issues
  • No more Iraq War
  • Soak the rich
  • Soak the rich, take over health care
  • Soak the rich, dump tons of money into failing schools

 Not much thought put into any of it, if I read correctly.  If you're not an insane, wacked in the head leftist who thinks that government should wipe your ass after you shit, then you'll probably think that Bill Richardson did the best.  According to Reason, he's the candidate that "...induces the faintest gag reflex in libertarians."

Other points people are talking about:

  • Obama apparently, magically, forgot that Israel is an ally.  This, of course, just won him over a ton of leftie jew haters from Hillary's camp.  I think it was planned.
  • Hillary still wants to turn every hospital into Walter Reed via government control.  BC wouldn't trust that bitch with his dick, and she thinks we'll put our health in her hands. 
  • Kucinich is still batshit crazy.
  • There was some dude named "Mike Gravel" on the panel.  I think he was setting up a mike when the cameras went live and got stuck on stage.
  • Joe Biden doesn't think that Clarence Thomas is a Magical Negro.
  • Dodd should have stayed home.  Nobody remembers he was there.


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