Gay taliban?

Holy fuck, pics of faggy Taliban dudes found after we kicked their shitty dicks the fuck out.

Apparently, though the Taliban strictly forbade any representation of any animal (going as far as destroying statues, manequins and street signs as affronts to ole Allah, shit be upon him), they still had to take passport photographs. This spawned a photography underground. And so when the Talalibbies would come and take their pics for their passports, they also had the opportunity to take faggy pics of themselves. Maybe to jerk off to. Some guys do that; I heard it on the Dr. Drew show once. Anyhow, here's the goodness.

Political Post by: McGurk at 03:22 PM | Reply

Press butan, recieve imagelet. Hover for preview. Imagelets are pasted at the end of your comment. Think ahead.

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