Happy 7/7/7 bitches!

We won't be able to party again like this until 8/8/8!  Or something!

Video blarg is video.  Gayest water fountain.  Ever.

5 years left.  12/12/12 - End of Time - everybody dies and we get to do it all over again (actually it is 12/21/12 according to the Aztecs or Incas or some such, but what do they know, they're dead already).

12/21/12 will be when the earth will be aligned with the sun and the sun will be alligned with the center of the Milky Way, gravitational forces will be increased which will cause differences in the earth's magnetic fields which will cause fire and destruction to reign down on us all, woo hoo, cook out at my hizzy (BYOSunblock).


1 Posted by NotMcGurk on July 09, 2007 02:32 PM (Ri74D)

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