Happy anniversary! I got you... sunburn!

Ouch.  Rented a boat on Lake Murray with my Other Being (or whatever hippies call number one dames nowadays).  I need to stress to you all (all three readers) that you need to make sure to actually get the suntan spray on all parts of your body when planning to spend all day on the water.  Apparently I not only skimped on my shoulders, but completely forgot my face. 

I can feel my beard growing.

Its been fourteen hours since the last exposure and I'm not too bad off, so I'm hoping this is as bad as it gets.  I wiki'd and checked with Mayo Online (which claims to have nothing to do with Hellmans') and apparently I need some Tylenol/Advil and some hydrocortisone cream.  Wiki claimed that aloe was a good choice; anyone who has actually used it on sunburn knows that aloe, once dry, forms a grease-like coating that takes off the outer six layers of skin and muscle when removed.  Or at least it feels like that when you're washing it off.  Fuck aloe.  Fuck aloe in his corney hole, the bastard.  I'm sticking to A&D or whatever ointment I can pick up today.

Happy Anniversary to you!! Love, your (also burned) Other Being/ChuMommy

1 Posted by ChuMommy on July 02, 2007 05:18 PM (vllfs)

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