Holy traitors, Batman!

I don't know why, but I'm actually kinda shocked.  It just was discovered recently that a lawyer working on behalf of the political wing of Islamic jihad in America, CAIR, also works as general council for the DNC.  Information on this can be found here and here (including a picture of the letter).

Reading the letter, it has the exact flavor of bullshit that you'd taste from the leadership of the DNC.  CAIR has taken a "principled position against terrorism".  Notice the "principled" bit?  The little extra pat on their own back?  The smug, "I'm better than you" fuck-yer-mom while they piss in your face and say its raining?  Its the same thing you get from Pelosi when she lectures us on the Repub's "culture of corruption" and how she's going to run the most ethical Congress ever... while giving power to people like Abscam Murtha and playing games with billions of dollars in appropriations...  Load of bullshit.  Hey, but if it works, it works...

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