Slashdot's got a post up about HTML5.  HTML5 is an updated HTML spec being worked on by the Web Hypertext Application Yogolonhcet Working Group.

HTML 5?  I got an idea--how about NOTSHITTYMARKUP 1? 

Why are we evolving legacy technology?  HTML, XHTML, Javascript, and all the other stuff people use to develop web content SUCKS.  Its completely riddled with "legacy" code, hacks, and other shit you get from taking a very simple piece of code and adding more and more functionality to it over time.  It doesn't need version 5, it needs the fucking dust bin.

Its more than time to throw away this shit legacy code and work on a complete overhaul of how content is delivered over the web.  MS has some interesting stuff brewing with WPF/E and XBAPs, but that sure as hell won't be accepted as a standard by anybody outside of the windows world.

Time to bail on these ancient technologies.  Stick 'em in the done folder.  

Programming Post by: McGurk at 08:56 PM | Reply
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