Jeff Atwood on .NET Rocks

Coding Horror My favorite programming blarg ger, Jeff Atwood, was on the last .NET Rocks show. He's a hella nerd and looks just about what you'd expect a programming geek to look like*. 

Sorry, Jeff, just bustin' on you a little.  The guy is one of the best writers about software today, in my opinion.  He posts about six times a week and each and every one of them is gold.  He's definitely one of the reasons why I started this blarg ; if I ever get past all the childish glee of calling somebody a "fucknut" on the internets I might actually put that inspiration to use.

Anyhow, if you have any interest in programming, get the show and have a listen.  Here's the linkage:


*We don't have your stereotypical programming nerds at our shop, tho I have to stick a finger through my eye to look less the part
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