So, some douche whipped out his cock and pissed all over the US military.  Congrats, faggot.

If you don't know about what's going on, lemme drop some knowledge: /?entry=26351_KILLITARY-_Lefties_Dropping_the_Fiction_of_Supporting_the_Troops&only /?entry=26352_Islamists_and_Leftists_Converge_at_The_Nation&only

http://incoldblarg ger.blargs

As I like it when people shit on themselves and have to walk around stinking of their own waste, I made sure to pop over to Wikipedia and update this asshole's profile so that he'll be always linked with his putrid work.  His "pro-soldier all the way" work.  What a fuckup.

I love Wikis, btw.  I made sure to link his blarg and 'Killitrary' to his profile, so anybody searching the wiki was sure to get to the good stuff.  Fuck you, Mitch.

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