lol mofo

Omfg.  I have to totally steal this from Ace.

Rocks!!!!!  It WAS sweet when they killed Ellis.  They should have mentioned the dumbass FBI agents, Johnson and Johnson, no relation.

What are the lyrics after they say "No help from Alan" the first time, in reference to "With a Vengance", something like blah blah for free?

Has anyone else noticed how all of the movies deal with Terrorists, but none of the terrorists are of Islamic origin????

They should do one using the Lethal Weapon movies.

1 Posted by NotMcGurk on June 28, 2007 02:10 PM (Ri74D)

Yipikaye motherfucker...

I've got to see Live Free or Die Hard.  At least for the comedic value.  (you just blew up a helicopter with a car.  "I ran out of bullets...")



I know, I know...  "GET THE FUCK OFF MY BLOG BRAD!!!"

2 Posted by JohnSpartan on June 29, 2007 02:58 AM (0J9tE)

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