My Governor Rocks

This is kinda old, but I just commented about it over at A Dick in NorCal and the comment was of such great quality that I decided to make a post about it.

I love my governor.  I think his name is Sanford, like Sanford & Sons.  Or something.  Anyhow, he recently vetoed a bill that would have the state pay for the primaries for the democrats and republicans.  Like they are anything other than loosely associated with government. 

Last time I checked (and I do, often) the Constitution doesn't say a goddamn word about political parties.  The sheer balls, them wanting us to pay for their shit.  Sheer.  Balls.

Thanks for the link.  The thought of tea bagging the folks in DC made me giggle.  Not that putting tea bags in the mail would really do much, just the dirtiness of the phrase interested me.

1 Posted by Dick on June 27, 2007 09:39 PM (Qrjpn)

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