Our brave, fearless press corps, God love 'em

Well, seems that the press isn't willing to print Berke Breathed's next two Opus cartoons because it pokes a little fun at the muzzies.  More info here, along with the horribly offensive picture

I know, I know.  You really shouldn't depict Mohammed having anal sex with a dead camel while eating babies.  But since when does articstic expression have to be subser... wait, that's not what the pic is?  Lemme double check...  Wow.  I thought it was bad. 

Way to go, Washington Post etal.  Big balls ya got there.

Political Post by: McGurk at 01:58 PM | Reply

Press butan, recieve imagelet. Hover for preview. Imagelets are pasted at the end of your comment. Think ahead.

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