Thank God

Every once in awhile we see some good news about politics in this country that gives heart to us in the non-insanity-based-community. 

Of course, if you'd ask me I'd tell you that Congress is doing a shit job right now.  How much time is being wasted fucking around on Iraq rater than trying to come up with solutions?  How much time and money are they going to waste investigating the political firing of political employees who serve under the discretion of the executive branch?  How much pandering are they doing to the fringe of their parties?  The world is smoldering, and they are cooking smores.  And, WORST OF ALL, they are forcing me to defend the Bush administration.  What a bunch of fucking assholes.

Anyhow, I'm glad Congress is getting at least as much shit as Bush has.  They deserve a lot more.

Political Post by: McGurk at 06:31 PM | Reply

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