Vista Media Center beta test

Beta testing for Vista MCE is open.  Go here and login with a passport account to apply.  Hints below the fold.

Be honest, but keep in mind that they are looking for people to test Media Center.  What are the functions of MCE?

  1. Watch, record television shows
  2. Watch movies
  3. Watch videos
  4. Listen to music
  5. Copy and burn media
  6. Organize media

If you rank your activity in these areas as high, you probably will be in a better position to qualify. 

In addition, they ask about how you are with new technology.  I'm kind of split on this.  I'm sure they want early adopters and technologically adept people, but if they aren't stupid they'll want retards too.  Flip a coin:  Heads, you're smart.  Tales, you're a retard.

I've managed to weasel my way into a couple beta programs by answering wisely.  Of course, the programs were relevant to my interests and applied to my job, but it helps if you watch your answers.  Kinda like when they gave you that test in grade school and you didn't tell them about your murder fantasies.  You remember, come on.  Don't bullshit me.

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