Websites that Rock, #1

Quick ups to Zombie, a frequent LGF commentor who is also our head agent in the San Francisco sleeper cell.  Zombie, who is in such deep cover that nobody even knows what sex this recently departed (and recently departed leftie after 9/11) person is.  But Zombie is all over the moonbat scene in SanFran, bringing us... disturbing is too nice a word; frightening images from the heart of the left.  An example would be the recent post about the wacky "Breasts, not Bombs" group's infiltration into the campaign headquarters of that evil warmongerer, Bu$hitler McChimpy.  No, wait, its Hillary.  Sorry.

And, lemme warn you before you go clicking that link... the group should be called "Saggy Bags of Flopsweatty Titmeat, not Bombs".  Ugh, fucking hippies.

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