Fun with the Smilies template

K, want to add a little gayness to your blarg ?  Open up your Smilies template and let the games begin...

The Smilies template is simply a list of 1:1 substitutions.  Prior to posts (both yours and your user's) being sent to client browsers, the website's software opens the Smilies template and sees if there are any entries in it.

Each line is an entry, and each entry is made of two parts.  The first part is the text that the server should look for, or the "search text".  The second part is the text that the server should substitute for the first part, or the "replace text".  These parts are separated by a space.  That means you cannot have search text that contains a space.  "fuck you fark you" will be interpreted as "Replace 'fuck' with 'you fark you'".  I haven't tested to see if the search text is case sensitive or if you can surround the search text with quotes in order to get around this behavior.

By default, your Smilies template contains a 1:1 mapping of gay-ass smilies to images.  But nothing is stopping you from changing these or adding additional substitution entries. 

For example, I replace smilies with rude comments about the poster.  For example, : ) is replaced by [POSTER IS A GRINNING IDIOT] .  I have a growing list of these; another example is that "b l o g" is replaced by blarg .  Why?  Why not?

Anyhow, have fun with the Smilies template.  Start messing with your commenters today!


1 Posted by specious_reasons on April 12, 2007 10:48 PM (ZSAtj)

Daddy touched you in the bad place and you liked it?  Dude, get help.

2 Posted by McGurk on April 12, 2007 11:41 PM (8GzzQ)

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