Balls of steel

Protip:  3.33 in (or rather, from the end, as apparently YouTube is now counting down) you shit bricks. 

Here's a quiz.  Which is worse?

  1. Writing an 11 page SQL query
  2. Editing an 11 page SQL query to shoehorn in new conditionals in about fourty different places to add a new bullshit feature that pretty much only one customer will ever use and we'll never see our money back on?

Happy 7/7/7 bitches!

We won't be able to party again like this until 8/8/8!  Or something!

Video blarg is video.  Gayest water fountain.  Ever.

Douche Chills

Douche chill, [doosh chil], noun phrase. Douche chills, douche chiller, doushy.

This one just tickles me

I'm not sure why; it doesn't really apply.  I don't think.  It'd have been better if it was Carter, no doubt.  But who doesn't like laughing at Algor?

lol mofo

Omfg.  I have to totally steal this from Ace.

Don't play my game

Oh lawd. You probably think you know what this is from the pic, but its much, much more. Play it for about one minute. Its better than Oz to Floyd.

Update! Fuck the shit!

Sour shoes pics!

If you don't know who Sour Shoes is, or have never heard his act, I feel for you. The guy is a friggen scream. If he wasn't such a loser he'd be out of his parent's house and on national radio, if not on national TV.

Pics of the guy are rarer than hen's teeth (ugh, that's a corny metaphor). Now, thanks to some douchebag radio show, I've got three pics of the guy. Here they are:




Definitely superior.

Phear the FLIR

Catching fuckers with their pants down since 1990

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