Why the internet rocks, reason #457

"For those who never have tasted it, Hungarian sausage is like god ran out of socks one day and decided to ejaculate into a hog's intestines instead. It is awesome."

From the comments to this video over @ fazed.net.

Pop and lock goodness

Slightly weaboo; Pixie should liek this.


Schoolgirl-only version for the pervs:

Apparently, she goes by "Strong Machine 2", and is the daughter of another japanese pop and lock guy named-appropriately enough-"Strong Machine 1".  Folks, it ain't easy bein' this cheezy.

Awful joke of the day

Don't blame me, a Marine told it to me...

  • You're on a vehicle going at a constant speed
  • To your right is a fire engine traveling at the same speed as you
  • To the left, there is a sharp dropoff of about 2 feet
  • 3 feet beyond the dropoff is a metal fence
  • Immediately infront of you is a galloping horse
  • Immediately behind you is a galloping zebra
  • The vehicle you are on is controlled by an ex-con with a drug habit

How do you escape this dangerous situation?

Quote of the day

"Political correctness [is the] proposition that it is possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

If anybody can give me the author of that quote, I'd appreciate it.  A cursory google found lots of the quote but no attribution. 

Photographic evidence!

Some amazing information has been leaking out over at FARK about the supposed "melting" of steel and the so-called "collapse" of the government-named "road" in I've-only-been-told-it-exists-but-have-no-proof "California."  Below the fold lies madness; below the fold lies truth.  Be warned; you may never be the same again.


Its long, but worth it (just turn the sound up)

Lol bigfoot it is


Reminds me of a joke...

Just got an email from my dad in which he tells me about a conference he's going to in a mountain city in Poland, the name of which reminds me of a joke...

A polak goes to the eye doctor.  The doc holds a card over his left eye and says, "Read the last line."  The polak goes "r-c-z-y-s-z-c-z-y-r-k."  The doc looks at him, astonished.  "You can read that??"  "Not only can I read that, but I know the guy!"

Slow weekend is sloooooow

I'm headed into work for a little 1 on 1 with my codebase.  Might come across a good reason to post something.  Until then, pls enjoy this fine image macro.




Also:  testing post sort.  BUMP!

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