How did they EVER win the war?

What the hell is happening in ole blighty?  The guy running one of their major political parties is named after a woman's monthly flow. 

It would be like if our presidential candidates actually were Douche and Turd.

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Look up perjury in the dictionary, dickcheese.

So Betray-Us has spoken and the Dems are pissing their pants.  Being politicians, they have some sense of rational thought (how else can you convince someone its raining when you piss in their face?) and self-preservation.  That's why they are pretty much leaving their hyperbole parked in the garage in favor of their much more economical and less flashy lowperbole.

Of course, on the crazy ass left, that shit don't fly.  And the batshitters aren't staying under their rocks.  The pole riders over at AmericaBlog are claiming that Petraeus has, get this, PERJURED himself.  I am not shitting you, nor am I linking them.  Their proof?  A commentary by Michael Hirsh of Newsweek about the skinny he got on the downlow about a super cereal report about a pentagon group that PROVES HE IS LYING!  TO CONGRESS!  CAPSLOCK!

The article says that this inside group's recommendations

“differ substantially” from Petraeus’s recommendations... [the report] will “recommend a very rapid reduction in American forces: as much as two-thirds of the existing force very quickly, while keeping the remainder there.”

Well, holy fuck guys.  He is totally screwed.  They gots him.  Caught red-handed, disagreeing with a pentagon group on the recommendations for future strategies in Iraq.  Why, if it wasn't for those nosy kids at AmericaBlog, he'd have gotten away with it, too!  Disagreeing.

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I was in class.  I don't remember exactly which one; it was one of the ones that you have to take not because the subject interests you or because you believe that it will help you in your future, but because its a prerequisite. 

The instructor came in late; she wasn't organized like she normally was.  She was clutching her books and some loose papers to her chest, bag sliding off her shoulder and car keys still grasped in her right hand.

"That plane crash in New York... It doesn't look good."

We had class as normal and there wasn't any more discussion about what was going on.  I didn't think too much of it at the time.  Planes go up, and sometimes when they come back down shit happens.  But when I left class you could tell something serious was going on.  People weren't milling around as usual.  They all seemed like they had somewhere to go and had to get there quick. 

It was my last class of the morning so I went back to my apartment.  My radio had been stolen from my car, so I couldn't listen to what was going on while I drove. 

When I entered the apartment my roommate, Carl, was watching the news.  The towers were both smoking at this point.  After a minute, when it had sunk in fully, I turned to Carl and said,

"We're at war."

Some people seem to have forgotten this.

Ace also does a "what I was doing" piece

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More on the ICLU

Read this.  Notice the bit about how our troops risk their lives to investigate bodies and recover them for respectful burial. 

Does the C stand for Cunts?

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Republican Debate Thred

Here's my favorite moment last night from the debate.  Hope you liked it too!  Text me, k?

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When did this happen?

Since when did the American Civil Liberties Union become the Iraqi/Afghanistani Civil Liberties Union? 

I don't recall them ever being concerned with the abuses of Iraqi/Afghanistani liberties by the Taliban and Saddam.  I don't remember them ever issuing press releases about the public flogging of women who let their burqas slip in public.  Or about Saddam's use of plastic sredders for discipline.  Mum was the word.

So, what's different now?  Exactly what has changed that would all of a sudden get their juices flowing for the protection of these people they didn't give a flying fuck about before?

I got this tickle in the back of my head, but I just can't bring it forward...

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Gay taliban?

Holy fuck, pics of faggy Taliban dudes found after we kicked their shitty dicks the fuck out.

Apparently, though the Taliban strictly forbade any representation of any animal (going as far as destroying statues, manequins and street signs as affronts to ole Allah, shit be upon him), they still had to take passport photographs. This spawned a photography underground. And so when the Talalibbies would come and take their pics for their passports, they also had the opportunity to take faggy pics of themselves. Maybe to jerk off to. Some guys do that; I heard it on the Dr. Drew show once. Anyhow, here's the goodness.

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Teh dissident frogman bring da funnay

Background here and elsewhere if you google.

Funnay here:

Via The dissident frogman.

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Our brave, fearless press corps, God love 'em

Well, seems that the press isn't willing to print Berke Breathed's next two Opus cartoons because it pokes a little fun at the muzzies.  More info here, along with the horribly offensive picture

I know, I know.  You really shouldn't depict Mohammed having anal sex with a dead camel while eating babies.  But since when does articstic expression have to be subser... wait, that's not what the pic is?  Lemme double check...  Wow.  I thought it was bad. 

Way to go, Washington Post etal.  Big balls ya got there.

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Raw pwnage

Wow... Ace is full of full force pwnage of the left in their collective mouth, vagina, and ass today.  Not only did the left lose their global warming hobgoblin (see below), but The New Republic took yet another load on the face but also Kos too one deep in the ass.

Today was definitely A BAD DAY if you Haet Amerikkka.  Sorry, guize.  Sucks to be you.

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