Holy traitors, Batman!

I don't know why, but I'm actually kinda shocked.  It just was discovered recently that a lawyer working on behalf of the political wing of Islamic jihad in America, CAIR, also works as general council for the DNC.  Information on this can be found here and here (including a picture of the letter).

Reading the letter, it has the exact flavor of bullshit that you'd taste from the leadership of the DNC.  CAIR has taken a "principled position against terrorism".  Notice the "principled" bit?  The little extra pat on their own back?  The smug, "I'm better than you" fuck-yer-mom while they piss in your face and say its raining?  Its the same thing you get from Pelosi when she lectures us on the Repub's "culture of corruption" and how she's going to run the most ethical Congress ever... while giving power to people like Abscam Murtha and playing games with billions of dollars in appropriations...  Load of bullshit.  Hey, but if it works, it works...

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Websites that Rock, #1

Quick ups to Zombie, a frequent LGF commentor who is also our head agent in the San Francisco sleeper cell.  Zombie, who is in such deep cover that nobody even knows what sex this recently departed (and recently departed leftie after 9/11) person is.  But Zombie is all over the moonbat scene in SanFran, bringing us... disturbing is too nice a word; frightening images from the heart of the left.  An example would be the recent post about the wacky "Breasts, not Bombs" group's infiltration into the campaign headquarters of that evil warmongerer, Bu$hitler McChimpy.  No, wait, its Hillary.  Sorry.

And, lemme warn you before you go clicking that link... the group should be called "Saggy Bags of Flopsweatty Titmeat, not Bombs".  Ugh, fucking hippies.

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Great article over at The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid about broadband penetration comparisons.  Like pulling out your cocks and seeing who's longest, some people seem to be obsessed with this supposed metric for comparing the US' technical strength against other, more pussy, countries. 

Personally, the whole "My IT is bigger than yours!" comparison stinks.  Its completely worthless to compare countries by their IT penetration.  Why would we ever want 100% broadband use?  The market decides how much broadband we need or want.  Its similar to idiots running around trying to get laptops into schools.  Kids don't need laptops to learn.  Its just a distraction.  But some people seem to think that its not only useful but also required in order to keep our country from reverting back to a feudal society.

This obsession with broadband is, no doubt, spurred on by the fact that the US consistently comes out shitty in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's broadband adoption statistics..  Who is the OECD?  International busybodies.  Nuff said.

Noted douche bag and midget Paul Krugman made big hay out of this one.  Of course, a handful of hay would be big to that runt.  His article can be glimpsed here for a slight fee.  Its worth going to the link just to peek at his ugly mug.  Paul is well known for getting pretty much everything wrong, and being an asshole about it.  I could cite, but Google has done it for me.  A simple search reveals why tenure is fucking stupid, and why our higher education suffers for it.

The reason why I'm bringing it up is that I love it when douche bags, busybodies and european countries in general get pwnt.  This tempest in a teapot is a fine example of it.  Because the study is a complete pile of bullshit.  You can read why at Don Luskin's site.

Essentially, it goes like this:  International bag of worthless assholes studies a nonexistent problem using demonstrably bad measures.  Fuck-ups use study to "Nyah Nyah" everybody they don't like.  Study is then completely owned, and by some dickbag at the FCC, thus showing up both fuck-ups and bag of stink for the idiots they are.  It just gives me a warm feeling inside.

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So, some douche whipped out his cock and pissed all over the US military.  Congrats, faggot.

If you don't know about what's going on, lemme drop some knowledge:

http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblarg /?entry=26351_KILLITARY-_Lefties_Dropping_the_Fiction_of_Supporting_the_Troops&only

http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblarg /?entry=26352_Islamists_and_Leftists_Converge_at_The_Nation&only

http://incoldblarg ger.blargs pot.com/2007/07/killitary-are-americas-armed-forces.html

As I like it when people shit on themselves and have to walk around stinking of their own waste, I made sure to pop over to Wikipedia and update this asshole's profile so that he'll be always linked with his putrid work.  His "pro-soldier all the way" work.  What a fuckup.

I love Wikis, btw.  I made sure to link his blarg and 'Killitrary' to his profile, so anybody searching the wiki was sure to get to the good stuff.  Fuck you, Mitch.

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Exactly who are they representing here?

So there is some scheming afoot by certain Democrats to strip out Rep. Pete King's civil liability protections for people who report suspicious activities from the Rail and Public Transportation Security Act of 2007. 

At this point, its just a "reliable source" of Andrew McCarthy's that is telling him this.  I would suggest that if it comes to light that this is true and who the perpetrators are, they should also be stripped.  Then tarred, feathered and ran out of Washington on a rail. 

Who do these motherfuckers represent?  Is it us?  Maybe trial lawyers?  Or anybody who hates us as much as they do?

UPDATE:  Fucking.  Cunts.

“We have always said that any discussion of September 11 in any way, shape or form would be made on sacred ground, with reverence to those who were lost,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat.

Lying whore who pisses in your face and tells you its raining.  An amazing feat, no doubt, but you've still got a face full of piss at the end of the trick.

Rep. Bennie G. Thompson, Mississippi Democrat and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, initially opposed the legislation, expressing concern that it would lead to racial profiling.

Fucking traitor.  One click and you can tell this piece of shit to die in a fire.

“When the 9/11 terrorists attacked us, they really don't ask whether we are black, white, red, yellow. They just want to hurt Americans,” Mr. Thompson said.

However, now we see where some of our legislator's priorities lie.  Leftist shitheads are openly saying they would kill Bu$hitler if they had the opportunity.  Would I get in trouble if I suggested that I would like to take these two fucknuts out and wrap a suicide belt around their necks?

UPDATE: MM has a very good post on the subject with lots of detailed info.

Below the bump is a list of the shitheels who voted against (notice a pattern?), with clickable goodness so you can zoom to their comment forms and tell them to get fucked. 

 UPDATE: The Center for Security Policy announces that the John Doe provision has been saved.  They cite the work of concerned citizens, Senators Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins for helping to save it.  Via LGF.

More irony than goldy or bronzy

So my RSS reader picked up an article from blargs.msdn.com about the efforts against ooxml by various OSS advocates.  K, so I take a look.

I start reading as the guy describes some of the tactics OSS advocates are taking against MS' new open XML format for Office documents.  These tactics include lobbying efforts funded by certain figures in the OSS movement, where activists can get bullshit propaganda to use in relentless attacks against their percieved enemy, MS.

So the OSS community, which has a higher percentage of lefties than the public in general, is starting to adopt the tactics of the radical left to advance their agenda.  The only thing surprising about this is that they haven't done this earlier.

But what makes this special is that the dick who's blog I'm reading starts making these snide remarks like (if his name didn't already start with a K they'd have to add it) "Karl Rove would be so proud" and "Rove and Bush would be quite proud."  The irony, the irony. 

It kinda reminds me of one of my dear relatives, who said "I detest Bush.  He's a crazy Christian, an idiot, and is truly evil.  And he's divisive, too."  At which point I did a spit take and announced that I had to go.  How people can be so blind to themselves and to what's going on around them is sometimes shocking to me.  Other times its saddening.  People, stop the irrational hatred.  Please.  Focus your hatred towards idiots like the guy who inspired me to write this post.

My Governor Rocks

This is kinda old, but I just commented about it over at A Dick in NorCal and the comment was of such great quality that I decided to make a post about it.

I love my governor.  I think his name is Sanford, like Sanford & Sons.  Or something.  Anyhow, he recently vetoed a bill that would have the state pay for the primaries for the democrats and republicans.  Like they are anything other than loosely associated with government. 

Last time I checked (and I do, often) the Constitution doesn't say a goddamn word about political parties.  The sheer balls, them wanting us to pay for their shit.  Sheer.  Balls.

Thank God

Every once in awhile we see some good news about politics in this country that gives heart to us in the non-insanity-based-community. 

Of course, if you'd ask me I'd tell you that Congress is doing a shit job right now.  How much time is being wasted fucking around on Iraq rater than trying to come up with solutions?  How much time and money are they going to waste investigating the political firing of political employees who serve under the discretion of the executive branch?  How much pandering are they doing to the fringe of their parties?  The world is smoldering, and they are cooking smores.  And, WORST OF ALL, they are forcing me to defend the Bush administration.  What a bunch of fucking assholes.

Anyhow, I'm glad Congress is getting at least as much shit as Bush has.  They deserve a lot more.

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Hit Rosie on the speed dial

Breaking:  Fuel fire melts steel.  Buy stock in tin foil; hat production expected to skyrocket. 

Ace on the bizarre occurrence: 

Physicist Kip Thorne believes the area may in fact be a "naked singularity," a region in space in which the normal physical laws that govern the universe simply fail to operate. He suggests that the National Guard be activated to surround the area at a "safe distance," in order to keep the curious well away from the site. "Strange energies may be radiating from the wreckage as we speak," Thorne said. "Bizarre forms of radiation, atoms and quarks previously unseen in our reality. Maybe even wizards riding dinosaurs and crazy shit like that."

Shit like this is why I have a man crush on Ace.  The guy is fucken hilarious. 

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Democratic debate

I didn't watch it. Today was the last day in our weight loss challenge here at work, so last night I downed three or four saphire and sodies (my preferred method for dehydration), got into beddie bye early and watched "Coonskin" on the laptop. At least I started to; the GF woke me up twice to tell me to put the laptop away.

Apparently, I didn't miss much. Our democratic candidates have no plan for dealing with the growth of islamic extremism other than to go back to September 10th, 2001. Its not surprising. A recent poll ranked people's concerns. It amazingly matched up with the issues the candidates were concerned about:


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