The losers and the winners. Invest in gold; shit isn't going to get better unless people get interested in keeping the head choppers and bombers at bay.
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Super Plus Good EU!

So, apparently the EU is sick of people's freedom to be assholes and is seriously mulling over banning "hate speech" on the intarwebs.  Well, its been fun knowing all of you.

 Why do people insist on giving money and power to governments?  For those of you who don't know, this is how governments work (its called the Politician's fallacy):

  1. There is a problem
  2. Somebody should do something
  3. We are somebody
  4. We should do something

HATE CRIME! "Oh, look!  The internets are full of tough guys!  They say mean things about gays, breeders, minorities, majorities, semites, anti-semites, semi-semites, children, the old, the stupid, the too-smart, people we like, Belgians, etc, etc.  We must Do Something™!"  Thus "hate speech" becomes something somebody should do something about, and governments become that somebody.

Everything eventually comes under the purview of governments this way.  Unless you don't give them unlimited power and money to them.  Hmmm, where have I heard that before?

But, as the european people are fast becoming cattle on the politician's farm, they are well on their way to serfdom.  Is it not surprising that the islamic fascists see this weakness as an opportunity to gain power?

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Would it be wrong...

If I said that Carlos Latuff should be dragged from his home and set alight, and those flames be fanned until they extinguished his poor excuse of a life?  Is it?
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Imus, racism, etc

HATE CRIME! Something has to be done about racism in this country.  It is clear that racism has been getting out of control.  Lots of racists are running around saying racist things.  I don't approve of all this racism.  Please, don't be racist.  Its not funny.

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New hate crime imagelet

In response to the criminal activity reported here, and in an attempt to combat hate crime in our country... nay, in our world, I introduce the Hate Crime imagelet:


Now, when ever you feel yourself about to commit a hate crime (or thought crime or sex crime) by posting, you can tag the post as such. That will make it easy for me (or the state or the UN) to come after you and erase your post. Its super plus fun!

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WHAT THE MOTHERFUCK?!? K, haven't posted about the shooting at VT.  There isn't much to say, frankly.  The only time I would have posted about it was when it was going down or shortly thereafter, and I was too busy for it to actually register.

Now, there isn't much to say about it.  People are finding things to say, of course.  Plenty of Monday Night Quarterbacking to go around.  And since the blarg's title isn't "You're Doing It Wrong Pundit," I think I'll stay out of that. 

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Thought for the day...

Either you're a hypocrite, or you're too big of a pussy to be one.

Imus schmimus

Other than yawning at yet another public IRL dramafest, I haven't had much interest in the Imus thing.  I don't listen to him, don't watch him, don't care much about him.  But a lot of people are out there defending him for some reason. 

Look, he attempted lulz and failed.  Kinda like he's failing at youthiness.  Why does anybody want to waste precious lifespan defending him?  Let him deal with his own problems. 

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Balls, sheer balls

I cannot imagine the pair of pants that could contain the swinging brass that both the UN and Iran apparently sport.  And so fucking soon after Iran reinstates hostage taking as a legit form of diplomacy!

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