I am curious (yellow (stain))

Some of the new mee.nuvians have been messing with their blarg's HTML; fewer have been venturing from the default color scheme. For those who are thinking about changing colors, you're probably finding that a good scheme is harder to create than it should be.  Well, there are tools that can help you find one.

Snap previews and other stuff

Quick note:  Among some of the stuff I'm adding to the blarg are Snap previews for external links.  If you don't like them, you can easily turn them off.  Just check down near the bottom on the sidebar for the Snap Control.

Other stuff I've added includes a Technorati search control on the sidebar.  What's Technorati?  Well...  its a live blarg search thingie.  And kind of an aggregator.  And it helps push... traffic... or something.  I'm not sure if I'll keep it.  But for now it sits to the right and you can use it to search this blarg .  If you want to do the same, just click the link above and "claim your blarg ."

Damn <center> tag

The [ magic.pager ] page control contains a <center> tag that fucks with floating DIV's; For now, I'm gonna leave mine at the bottom and remove the one at the top. 

Exploding CSS

I'll be moving most, if not all, inline CSS to my new stylesheet (thanks, Pixie), which may cause some formatting wierdness.

If the blarg all of a sudden looks like shit, just hold down the shift and click the refresh button.  It should go back to normal immediately or after a couple minutes.

Blog advisory: You're an asshole!

So, you wanna add a Blog Advisory to your blarg ?  Read on...

Be neighborly

K, so we're a small community right now, mostly inhabited by empty blargs .  But some of us are actually taking advantage of the beta test.  Here's a suggestion how we can help ourselves by helping our neighbors.

Fun with the Smilies template

K, want to add a little gayness to your blarg ?  Open up your Smilies template and let the games begin...

Lost in Transupload

Had a minor personal outage last night.  No, nothing to do with this post.  I was messing with my template for posts last night and the website crapped out on me after I hit "save".  The result is that I had half a template and nothing would render correctly anymore.


Its pretty easy to create a favicon.  IE7, however, doesn't seem to like .png favicons; an .ico file is a better choice.  If you've drunk the MS koolaid, here's how to do it:

Incest is best!

I can see this beta thing is going to get very incestuous very fast.  Other beta testers are starting to post here, and I'm starting to post on their blargs too.

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