Aw, hell.

Well, I'm not exactly sure what to make of this.  Yeah, its a trailer for a remake of Day of the Dead, Romero's shittiest Dead movie.  Except for Land of the Dead.  Here it is:

Couple problems.  First, it looks and sounds like absolute shit.  Second, April 2007?  Third, its not directed by Zack Snyder, who did the completely awesome remake of Dawn and 300 and is now working on The Watchmen, but is directed by some shithead hack TV director.  Fourth, the movie is delayed for "reshoots."  That means its shit and they know it.  Fifth, there are rumors that it will be PG-13.  What a horrible fucking letdown. 

I've got a suggestion.  Shitcan it.  Shuffle it off to DVD and forget it ever happened.  Then, after the Watchmen is out, get Zack onboard a real remake.  There are no rules to say you can't do this.

Videoblarg hooray!

So I'm a little on the busy side. Here's another neat video. Protip: 3 minutes in and you shit bricks.

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Sunburn advice

So My face is all peeled, and my shoulders are still nice and red, but not painful anymore.  I just wanted to pass along props to Maximum Strength Cortizone 10.  Don't buy it on Amazon, just go to any store and it'll be in the red and white box. 

I don't know if my burn would have been any worse without it, but its worked perfectly for me.  It keeps the itching down, helps keep my skin's moisture content up, and improved my general well being.  It claims to have aloe in it, but it has to be sooooo minimal because it comes off very easily.  My only complaint is that its white and takes a bit to sort of melt into your skin.  So don't put it on your face and expect to go outside immediately.  Unless you live in San Fran, in which case you'll probably not even be noticed. 

Just put some on my shoulders and it feels nice and cooling, and the itchyness is going down.  Great stuff.

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New and Notable #1

I'm blatantly stealing Sam Gentile's "New and Notable" linkdump.  Check out his blarg; it's great for those interested in the latest .NET development technologies.

I wanted to link to an awesome article over at Opinion Journal by Joshua Muravchik about the democracy/tyranny dynamic and how it relates to the start of modern wars and our current struggles in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Thanks to Charles, the dirty neocon hippie, for the link to the article.

I'm pretty busy right now reading Visual Studio Team System:  Better software development for Agile teams.  You can take a peek at the book website here.  Its a great book.  There, that's my review.  I think I'll do a more extensive one when I'm done.  Until then, if you're a .NET programmer and you're looking at implemeting some flavor of Agile, check this book out.  Its exactly what you need.

Like wikipedia?  Ever thought that having a wiki would be a great way to store and organize information for yourself or maybe your business?  Then why haven't you gone to MediaWiki, downloaded the same software that is used by Wikipedia, and installed it on your machine?  Yes, you don't need  a linux boxen to run a wiki; you can serve it right out of IIS on your XP box if you want.  It is definitely cool when a great software product like Wikipedia is freely available via open source.  I'm planning on setting up a dev wiki at my workplace to store and share information among developers, which will eventually supplement whatever Team System websites are created for our projects.

And, lastly, ever wonder how the mouse cursor works?

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Happy anniversary! I got you... sunburn!

Ouch.  Rented a boat on Lake Murray with my Other Being (or whatever hippies call number one dames nowadays).  I need to stress to you all (all three readers) that you need to make sure to actually get the suntan spray on all parts of your body when planning to spend all day on the water.  Apparently I not only skimped on my shoulders, but completely forgot my face. 

I can feel my beard growing.

Its been fourteen hours since the last exposure and I'm not too bad off, so I'm hoping this is as bad as it gets.  I wiki'd and checked with Mayo Online (which claims to have nothing to do with Hellmans') and apparently I need some Tylenol/Advil and some hydrocortisone cream.  Wiki claimed that aloe was a good choice; anyone who has actually used it on sunburn knows that aloe, once dry, forms a grease-like coating that takes off the outer six layers of skin and muscle when removed.  Or at least it feels like that when you're washing it off.  Fuck aloe.  Fuck aloe in his corney hole, the bastard.  I'm sticking to A&D or whatever ointment I can pick up today.

WTF Ace?

Has Ace looked messed up for you guys lately?

Just sayin'.  Kinda messed up in the header department. 

Seems to me like he needs to ditch the pajamas ad from the banner block and stick it as the first entry of the posts div.

I'm okay

Hey, don't worry guise.  It wasn't me.  I heard the buzz about some people had fallen off a building, causing a couple blocks to get closed off this morning, on the local talk radio station when driving into work.  The word then was one dead, one alive.  There was definitely no mention of nudity. 

Points for ingenuity, but pls keep your suicide off me. 

Decrapify your new machine

Just hit upon this site:, which offers a program that supposedly will clear all the installed junk that comes on most new PC's.  I haven't used it, but after a quick search I don't see any bad mentions about the product on any discussion boards.  Looks like a great tool, tho!  Next time I need to wipe a new machine (which may be within the next few months, the way my home server's been acting), I'm going to give it a try.
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Slow posting

Well, the release is completed, and I'm extremely glad in this.  This one pushed my sql knowledge to its limits and beyond.  The system I code against has a very complicated security model with five, yes five, different types of security.  The last one was added in this release.  On paper it didn't look very complex, I found out that it made my security checks exponentially more difficult.  My query that retrieves items from the tree that the current user can view, when printed out in Notepad with the standard margins, is eleven pages.  Eleven.  E-lev-en.  It returns multiple recordsets with all the data I need, so the security related WHERE's constitute about 3/4ths of the bulk of the queries.  Obviously, the security model greatly reduces the scalability of the system.

We're working on it. 

Wish I could go more into detail, but everything is sketchy at this point.  I'm working on the development direction we are taking for our line of products for the next two years.  In fact, I should be in Visio right now, laying out the inputs and outputs for our core system.  I've been doing my best to put it off today, but I've run out of other stuff to do.  This is the last thing I do before I hit it hard.

While I'm just talking randomly about stuff that's going on, let me take a moment to give praise to the greatness that are whiteboards.  Behind my desk I have a 6x4 whiteboard mounted on the wall.  It used to reside out in the warehouse at our former locatiton.  After I got hired, I was poking around back there and saw it sitting in the corner, neglected and lonely.  Its the kind that has a grid permanently laid out ontop of it.  Black lines in a pattern that creates cells that are roughly 1x2 inches.  I immediately hauled it in and stuck it up on the wall next to my desk.  It has been invaluable in my work.  Every time I need to get something out of my mind I turn around and write it out on the whiteboard.  Items that are no longer needed get erased; items that need to be kept get photographed with my camera phone and sent to a folder on my work machine.  Currently its got a diagram on it that shows the relationships between all our different products and services that are in the planning.  Its a hell of a lot easier to diagram this kind of thing out on a whiteboard than on paper or in Visio directly. 

Anyhow, I've got to get back to it.  I've got to get some handlers nailed down.

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Why is it that holidays are more exhausting than work?  Anybody?  Buheller?
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