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Time travel

Its a moot point until FTL, anyhow.  Imagine if you will...

You fall off your toilet and bump your head.  Suddenly, you have the idea how to step outside of spacetime and re-enter in the past or future.  Its the Fluxored Capacitor!  So you set about creating it and installing it in a 2008 Dodge Charger.  What, a Delorean?  Thats so 80's.

Anyhow, you climb into your time machine and set the clock back ten minutes ago.  You step on the accelerator and get up to 88 MPH and....

You die in the vaccuum of space.

Because, even though you did manage to go back in time, you forgot that the earth is constantly moving in space.  When you went back in time ten minutes, you ended up in space where the earth will be ten minutes later.

And so, as you choke on the last rivlets of blood that are boiling out of your tongue, the earth catches up to you and you burn up on reentry.  Scientists spend the next hundred years trying to figure out how a Dodge ended up crashing through the roof of a home in Schenectety. 

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I only want peace, but they FORCED me into lulz

HEIL HITLER!  Phooey!  Dis ist madness!


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Raw pwnage

Wow... Ace is full of full force pwnage of the left in their collective mouth, vagina, and ass today.  Not only did the left lose their global warming hobgoblin (see below), but The New Republic took yet another load on the face but also Kos too one deep in the ass.

Today was definitely A BAD DAY if you Haet Amerikkka.  Sorry, guize.  Sucks to be you.

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First Beauchamp and now this.  Fags.  Lol.


BTW, I'm a slack.  But I have reasonable good reason.  I think the programming side of this blarg is going to be bailed on.  I can't deal with combining the two, because I utterly hate it when other people do.  So I think I'll split this and start a programming blarg with actual real programming blarg stuff.  If I ever get around to it.

That means this one will go full lulz.  Politics, awful youtube videos, that kind of shit. 

BTW, I'm completely disgusted with myself that I missed the opportunity to post on Ace's blarg .  Holy fuck, just thinking about it makes me sick.

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OH LAWD its a bomb!

NOBODY PANIC.  I'm fine.  It was touch and go for a minute, but then I realized that I was about ninety miles from Goose Creek.  Whew!

It was said that the device sounded like a firecracker when they destroyed it.  This is definitive proof we have some of the finest trained law enforcement in the country.  How else could they tell the difference between the explosion used to detonate a pack of black cats, and the detonation of the black cats themselves? 

By the way, the black cats I'm referring to are fireworks.  Not actual black cats.  Put your erection away.

Holy traitors, Batman!

I don't know why, but I'm actually kinda shocked.  It just was discovered recently that a lawyer working on behalf of the political wing of Islamic jihad in America, CAIR, also works as general council for the DNC.  Information on this can be found here and here (including a picture of the letter).

Reading the letter, it has the exact flavor of bullshit that you'd taste from the leadership of the DNC.  CAIR has taken a "principled position against terrorism".  Notice the "principled" bit?  The little extra pat on their own back?  The smug, "I'm better than you" fuck-yer-mom while they piss in your face and say its raining?  Its the same thing you get from Pelosi when she lectures us on the Repub's "culture of corruption" and how she's going to run the most ethical Congress ever... while giving power to people like Abscam Murtha and playing games with billions of dollars in appropriations...  Load of bullshit.  Hey, but if it works, it works...

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In other news...

Been busy playing with ScrewTurn's ASP.NET wiki.  I'm using it to create a single repository for knowledge in the development department.  The idea is that you put it in the wiki, we know where it is.  Have some spec docs?  Put a link to their location in the wiki.  Found a great article?  There's a links page that contains links to outside resources of interest.  Or, you can be a theif and just copy the article into a new page of the wiki (I've even got a snippet you can use to identify the fact that the page is stolen).  Its definitely a cool wiki, and I'm pretty damn happy with it.

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Websites that Rock, #2

Ever try to design a webpage?  Seems simple.  You have a set number of elements you wish to place on the page.  You place them on the page in a manner that seems appealing.  You review your work.

It looks like shit.

How the hell do you take your content, organize it, size it, and place it on your webpage in a way that looks even slightly good?  The first step is to read this article, "Grids are Good":


This is the best tutorial for web design that has ever been made.  Read it, learn it, live it.  I don't need to tell you to love it, because you will. 

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